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Shopping, shopping and shopping...

Sometimes when we go shopping, we are not sure what we are going to buy; what I mean is the price range, the colour, its types and so on.. for example, what colour of blouse or which type of shoes, do I need a shoe, sandal or just a flip flop..

Here are some tips on "How To Shop For Clothes":

1. Have a plan. Check your closet and make a mental note of what you could use and what you really need to buy (e.g.: Need a blouse for dinner outfit, a new head cover/‘tudung’ to go with new pair of baju kurung, a black cardigan to go with black pants, plain green blouse which can be used with a patterned/ flowery skirt etc.)

2. Set a budget. Knowing you can only pay RM 100 for a dress ahead of time will help you sort through the racks quicker. This is an advantage of online shopping, where you can take your time to shop while comparing prices according to your budget.

3. Start early. For special occasions allow yourself at least two weeks prior to the event to find the dress. In that case, you are not rushing to buy something that you don’t really need or out of your budget. You'll also have extra time for shoes or other accessories.

4. Dress for shopping. If you'll be looking for a special occasion dress, try to wear or bring what you want to wear with the dress (the matched skirt/ ‘tudung’) to go with the style.

5. Get the second opinion. If you really need a second opinion mostly on the expensive item, put the item on hold and bring someone back with you later.

6. Accept a salesperson's help. You may be surprised by how much time it'll save you if you'll give them some direction about what you're shopping for.

7. Use the three-way mirror. Get an honest look at your rear and side views. Watch for extreme panty lines (too-tight pants), bunched up waist (too big) or other tell-tale signs of an ill-fitting garment.

8. Check the care tags. You may want to do this while browsing the apparels. Otherwise, see how much care the item is going to be cared of.

9. If you shop online, make sure you ask for the measurement to make sure the clothes fit you well. Sometimes clothes size is different among designers. You may keep the measurement of yours and your family members in your wallet/ notebook and you can shop with ease without having to measure every time you shop online. The basic measurement which you have to care about is length of the item (top’s length, pants/skirts length), sleeve length, shoulder and waist/ hip. Remember your right as a customer. You may ask the seller to show the close up view of the item. As for RAR Fashion, we always give close up view and measure each of our items to ensure you get the most satisfaction. Please click link below to see how we do our measurement of our clothes.


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