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Why Shopping Online?

From time to time, shopping online becomes more famous and to some people it is the first option. Why shopping online?

1- It is easier and more convenient. You just need a computer with internet connection, of course and by just clicking the mouse, you will have your favourite item sent to you, right in front of your door. Yippie!!! You will save your time & energy walking around but ended with nothing to buy and sore feet. :(

2- It saves your money; the fuel, parking, etc and normally the products sold online is cheaper than in the shop. It is because online sellers don’t have to pay shop rental, utilities, staff compensation, bla..bla..

3- You can compare the price easily, among online shops, just by sitting in front of your computer, no need lingering around many shops.

4- However, you won’t have chance to look or touch the real product. In this case, to avoid any discrepancies of the product from what you have expected, you should choose the shop which shows details of the items like RAR Fashion!. For example, front & rear view as well as close up view, details of the measurement, materials and its colour. Please confirm the size before you make the payment. Some online shoppers allow buyers to exchange the products bought, normally in case of reject products and its size.

5- Anyway, RAR Fashion understands what customers need and we have carefully chosen the products for the best one, in terms of quality of the material, design and its colour. We also measure EACH of our products and pastes the details at our boutique. We advise you to compare the measurement with your best clothes instead of your body.

6- Another point that you have to pay extra attention is the payment method. Normally online buyers using online bank transfer (Maybank, CIMB, RHB, etc.) and for worldwide, using Paypal for safety purpose, another way of not to expose the details of customer’s credit card. By using online banking, you have to be more careful not to expose your Pin number to anybody and clear your cache after doing the payment. You are not advised to do any online banking at any cyber cafes.

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