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Do you realize that a single fashion piece other than shoes and handbags, eg a scarf or a mere belt, can turn an entire outlook from DULL to FABULOUS in just an instant?

Many fashion items help to enhance the entire outlook, by creating an illusion or an impression of a slimmer waist, longer legs or even taller!

BELT: It adds dimension and depth to your height as well as giving a sense of proportion. Moreover, it is one of the accessories which adds so much to the others, the glamorous watch, the enchanting white gold ring, and the heavenly shoes to die for and so the list goes on. A wide chunky belt helps to define the waist, and makes the lower part of the body appears longer and lankier. But be careful, don’t waste your money to buy an expensive belt for only a short-style life. For flat figure, it may give a curvy look. If you have bigger hip/ smaller waist/ bigger bust, use a wide belt, but do not let the belt tightened your waist, it would make you feel uncomfortable with the belt, instead use not-too-tight and not- too-loose belt. This also applies for muslimah, please remember that muslimah should not show off her curvy look. If you have long torso/ abdomen, use a thin belt. A thin belt will break up your torso and add detail to your waist.

* Other tips with belt :

1 - Pin a flower brooch to a basic belt to add a bit of romanticism to your outfit.

2 - A flowing long sleeve no button sweater can always use a wide belt to keep the sweater closed, and add a bit of draping for a trendy look.

3 - No matter your shape, women's belts are a perfect match for all things alluring, fashionable, and sumptuous.

VEST/ CARDIGAN: A cardigan is a type of sweater (or jumper) that ties, buttons or zips down the front; by contrast, a pullover does not open in front, but forms a solid tube around the torso. The cardigan was named after James Brudenell, 7th Earl of Cardigan, a British military commander. Cardigans are available for both genders.

Plain cardigans are nowadays often worn over shirts and inside suit jackets as a kind of less formal waistcoat that keeps neckties out of the way when the jacket has been removed. It also commonly used by muslimah to go with sleeveless/ short sleeve dress or tops.Add on a black long cardigan, helps to cover heavy bottom. It also will make you look taller.

NECKLACE: Wearing a matching necklace or a long necklace for those who wear head cover (tudung) can turn your look from DULL to FABULOUS too.. There are many types of necklaces (in terms of materials, forms, meaning/symbolism and length/size).

Sarah Jessica Parker is wearing a choker-length necklace, best worn with bear chest dress.

The model is wearing collar-length necklace, probably the most popular length of necklace.

1 - Use necklace made from plant origin(eg. wood)/ ocean origin (eg. coral), manufactured materials (eg. ceramics) if you want to look funky. If you want to dress for formal occassion, please wear necklace from precious metals, gemstones or crystals, but not too outstanding, make it simple and elegant.

2 - If the necklace is too long, double-wrapped it (lilit rantai dengan satu pusingan) around your neck.

3 - Wear just one necklace at a time. It is okay, if you want to use more than one necklace,but make sure it is the same type of necklaces and make it simple.

4 - If you have petite figure, use bigger size (not long) necklace. But if you are in plus size, use a small size necklace (eg. smaller pearl size necklace).

5 - Use 20"-24" necklace for business/ casual purpose. Do not use a longer one.

6 - For those who wear tudung, you may choose long necklace or 'brooch rantai'. Below is the sample of how to wear the 'brooch rantai'.


1 - If you have short neck, you are not advised to double-wrap (melilit) the necklace around your neck. Just put it on.

2 - If you are wearing full-printed blouse/ top, you may choose not to wear the necklace, otherwise it would look 'sarat' or full of accessories. Or you may choose just a simple necklace. It is best to wear with plain tops.

3 - If you are still young, do not wear long golden necklace, it would make you look older.

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